Become eco-responsible parents: I opt for reusable products

Yes, it is quite possible to become eco-responsible parents if you agree to change your habits. Parents all want to ensure a healthy world for their children. Today, more and more families are tempted by this adventure and are ready for a zero waste routine. Although this new approach seems difficult.
To reduce your ecological footprint on the planet, it is essential to limit your daily waste. When we know that 4,000 billion tons of waste are produced per year in the world, and that 8 million tons of waste end up in the ocean every day, we say to ourselves that there is an emergency! Everyone can do their part, at their own level, by changing their daily habits. Little by little, not all at once.

What if we started by rejecting disposable, single-use products and replacing them with alternatives that are as pretty as they are sustainable?

Did you know ? Some figures to convince:

233 wipes are used every second in France, or more than 7.3 billion per year.

Around 5,000 billion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year and, like most plastic, a tiny proportion is recycled

1,447 sanitary napkins are used every second around the world, or 45 billion per year.

That is why Viedouce offers you reusable products for everyday life to reduce your waste consumption by adopting a new lifestyle!

At Viedouce, you will find two different qualities of reusable sanitary napkins: reusable sanitary napkins made from organic cotton and reusable napkins made of charcoal fiber. These sanitary napkins are reusable and machine washable. In addition to being comfortable and practical, they are ideal for reducing your impact on the environment.
Bamboo charcoal fiber is a 100% natural and healthy material that has a strong absorption power. It naturally helps to retain losses and capture all odors.


Also find reusable cotton make-up remover and reusable organic cotton shopping bag.
It is advisable to opt for bulk when shopping. No need to buy packaging every time. Remember to keep fabric bags with you at all times.

Become eco-responsible parents: I opt for reusable products

Being a parent means setting an example for your children and passing on an education and a way of life to them. By becoming eco-responsible parents, you will teach your child how important every action is for protecting the environment.

The future of our planet is in fact the future of our children.