Discover the Viedouce changing backpack

We've always told you that you absolutely need a diaper bag when having a baby. But you are not sure why to buy it, or its usefulness? After reading this article, you will understand why it has become an accessory that every parent should have!

Now that a changing bag is essential for taking your baby out, whether for a walk or even going to the pediatrician. There are a lot of models on the internet and in stores, and it can be difficult to navigate them. Practical, in the shape of a backpack, our Viedouce changing bag will become your real ally. Why, would you tell us? Now is the time to give you an answer.

Discover the Viedouce changing backpack Vieouce

First, our changing bag has a large capacity, it has no less than 14 pockets and is waterproof, perfect in bad weather or when the weather is changeable. So you have many pockets to store all the baby's belongings (and more if you wish, yours for example?). Since the bag is waterproof, you can separate wet and dry items to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you take them out.

The Viedouce changing backpack is also robust, which is a big plus: the materials used are of high quality and it will never let you down (we hope so, anyway). With a capacity of 23 liters and a weight of 830 grams (which is rather light for a changing backpack), you can take it everywhere.

Discover the Viedouce changing backpack Vieouce

This bag is even more perfect for parents who like to travel and move around, as you will have the possibility to put all of your baby's belongings inside. It consists of a main pocket, a back pocket, three insulated pockets, two side pockets and finally seven interior compartments. No more excuses for leaving things at home, you can take it all!

Who says isotherms, obviously says practical! This will allow you to keep all the bottles warm for long hours. The bag also has a changing table, so you can change your baby's diapers wherever you are, without having to look for a suitable place to do so. Are you more black, red, blue? If you don't know how to make up your mind, let yourself be surprised by our many colors which will make your changing bag a trendy and ergonomic accessory to accompany you on all your outings.

Discover the Viedouce changing backpack Vieouce

Nomadic parents, loving outings and walks, our bags are certainly made for you. He will not let go of you on a daily basis and will become your ideal companion (in addition to your little toddler). You too, be more serene during your outings. Discover our changing backpacks on our site, available in several colors and recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers. In addition, a changing mat and two stroller straps are included in the changing bag! And you, will you also fall for our changing bags?