Why choose a Viedouce baby carrier?

To take your newborn everywhere and replace (from time to time) the stroller, nothing is more practical than a baby carrier. During the first 6 months after birth, it is an object that will become essential. That's good, we have some on our website! So why choose a Viedouce baby carrier? All the answers in this article.

Optimal comfort, at all times

Our ergonomic baby carrier puts the emphasis first on comfort, both for the baby and for you. The fabric of the apron is 100% cotton, for a very soft touch. On sunny days and when it's hot, we've also thought of everything: part of the apron can be opened, allowing air to pass through and bringing a little freshness to your baby. And when the heat becomes insurmountable, do not panic: you can simply detach the fabric to keep only the part with the lap belt. Convenient, isn't it?

During long walks, fatigue can be felt both for you and for your baby. That's why we added a headrest to relieve his neck.

When we think of the baby carrier, we imagine that it can cause back pain. But the belt of our baby carrier Viedouce has been designed to relieve the pressure due to the weight of the baby. The straps, adjustable, also allow to distribute the weight well and not to feel any pain.

Why choose a Viedouce baby carrier?

Varied options

Most baby carriers on the market do only what they are told to do: carry the baby. But at Viedouce, we have imagined some very useful options that will bring a big plus. First, we've incorporated a sun visor that will be useful in hot weather, as well as a windproof hood to help maintain body heat in cold weather. We have also placed pockets on the sides of the baby carrier allowing you to take accessories and useful items for your outings. Finally, our baby carrier offers no less than 6 carrying positions: front, in a sling (horizontally), or in backpack style. This diversity helps to avoid possible weight-related pain.

Why choose a Viedouce baby carrier?

An unbeatable value for money

In addition to being one of the cheapest baby carriers on the market, our product has been designed with qualitative materials, with an emphasis on comfort in order to take care of you and your baby. It is available with a multitude of options that will allow you to use it at any time. And right now, you are benefiting from free shipping with no minimum purchase, isn't life good?

Why choose a Viedouce baby carrier?

You will understand, our Viedouce baby carrier is a must-have, already validated by thousands of customers. We are delighted to have developed this product for parents, which is essential for the birth of your baby.

And you, have you already bought our baby carrier? We await your responses in comments!