100% Silk Sleep Mask - Black

Color: Black
  • 100% premium silk - Made from 100% premium natural silk.  The silk is naturally permeable to the skin and naturally reflects light, helping provide a more complete sleep every night.

  • Adjustable elastic strap - Our sleep mask has an adjustable headband that won't move or slip off whilst sleeping. It adjusts comfortably in all sleeping positions with no hair tangling. Fully adjustable from 40 cm to 70 cm, suitable for women, men or children.  

  • Hypoallergenic - Silk's natural, breathable fibres are perfect for people suffering from dry eyes, migraines or insomnia. Our sleep mask helps provide  healthy oxygenation while keeping the air dry. The smooth silk won't absorb skin lotions, so it does not affect facial moisturizers or night creams.

  •  Ergonomic - Our sleep mask is specially designed to help keep your eyes out of the light with minimal facial compression and optimal comfort for your eyes, minimizing eyelid and eyelash rubbing while you enjoy a restful sleep.

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