Reusable and Washable Sanitary Pads (9 pieces)

Color: Motif Foret

Antibacterial - Viedouce organic sanitary pads are made from 7 layers of 100% certified organic cotton without chemical substances. They are antibacterial, healthy and soft. The pure cotton has superb absorbency, eliminate odours and stays dry making them suitable even for sensitive skins. A waterproof layer prevent leaks.

Safe and leakproof - Includes 9 sanitary pads  complete with waterproof storage bag. Each pad closes securely with a popper button to prevent leaks.

Environmentally friendly - The pad can be washed with water and reused for 2 to 3 years. They are healthier, more comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly than disposable sanitary pads.

Easy to carry - Fold the sanitary pad into a small envelope shape, then attach the button, place it discreetly in the storage bag. Suitable for travel, outdoor or daily use.

Easy to clean - Organic cotton is very suitable for sensitive skin and is natural, chemical-free and therefore non-allergenic. Our sanitary pads are easy to wash and dry by hand or machine, simply rinse with a mild detergent (until water runs clear), then hang to dry.

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