Baby, Mummy Products and Travel Accessories | Viedouce
(Drawing by Vicente Romero , published with his consent ) 

A personal adventure that has gone global 

Viedouce is the story of a woman whose heart swings between Asia and Europe, that of a woman passionate about art and painting, that of a mother in love with her children. This woman is Xiaoyan, the creator of the Viedouce brand. Her travels and experiences in different countries have enriched her life. Painting is her haven of peace. It represents for Xiaoyan a means of expressing her creativity and a source of peace, which plunges her into the same state of tranquility that can sometimes be experienced through meditation.

Xiaoyan had the chance to attend training courses, meet talented artists like Vincent Romero, and even participate in exhibitions to present her own work. Her style, bathed in softness and light, asserts itself over time. Her desire to share with the rest of the world what makes the singularity of his two cultures is becoming stronger. 

How to combine his artistic sensibility with life pratique ? Through her keen eye as a passionate artist, she now carefully selects the designs that will enhance and embellish her products. Since she created Viedouce in 2018, her happiness is linked to yours. Xiaoyan offers products that are both aesthetic and practical to parents who, like her and certainly like you, want the best for their children and their family. She hopes, on her own scale, to succeed in bringing those few notes of softness that contribute to the well-being of homes around the world.   

Baby, Mummy Products and Travel Accessories | Viedouce
(Photo of Baby carrier  Viedouce: the first product launch following the creation of the brand in April 2018 )

You're not just customers, you're our community.

Viedouce could never have developed so quickly without the valuable contribution of our motivated and dynamic team, who take the time to test our products to find out what can be improved.

This conscientious spirit has enabled products such as our Ergonomic Baby Carrier or our Diaper Rucksack to be referenced on many consumer sites, but also to reach the top of the podium in their category on famous online sales sites.

Viedouce could never have grown so fast without you, our customers, our community.

We read each one of your comments with great care. Your positive feedback makes us truly happy. Nothing makes us happier than discovering pictures of you or your children with one of our products. Your more mitigated remarks push us to look for solutions to do even better next time. Your answers to the surveys on our Facebook page allow us to create products that really meet your expectations. It is also by listening to your needs that we have decided to develop ecological alternatives to everyday products. For all this, we say merci !

For sure, the future of Viedouce will be written with you.

Baby, Mummy Products and Travel Accessories | Viedouce
 (Drawing in pastel, 55 cm*65 cm, made by Xiaoyan in 2016) Baby, Mummy Products and Travel Accessories | Viedouce
(Pastel drawing 55 cm*65 cm made by Xiaoyan in 2019)