Organic Fabric Shopping Bags (9 pieces in 3 sizes)


Environmentally friendly and reusable - 100% organic cotton, our bags are GOTS certified, non-toxic, harmless, and free of any chemical or plastic components. You can use them with confidence. They are sturdy with very long life span.

Washable and foldable - Our bags have openings made of woven fine cotton cord and spring metal buckles on the cords, ensuring that your products will not fall out easily. They are light but strong and can be washed by hand or machine, and won't warp even after repeated washing.

Versatile - Our bags are light, strong and certified. You can use them not only for leafy vegetables, potatoes, celery, cucumbers, but also for beans, flour, spices and even children's toys, clothing, etc.

9 pieces in 3 different sizes --1 * Tote bag + 2 * Large mesh bag (28 * 43 cm) + 2 * Medium mesh bag (28 * 33 cm) + 1 * Medium muslin bag (28 * 33 cm) + 2 * Small mesh bag (28 * 20 cm) +1 * Small muslin bag (28 * 20 cm)

Safe and pollution-free - We want to help you reduce the use of disposable plastic bags to protect our precious planet and protect our future generations from environmental pollution. Each of our environmentally friendly bags has undergone strict production inspections and is certified by a professional agency. They are safe for us and the environment, contributing to a healthier planet.


Light but durable

Nylon-free material without polyester

Reusable, biodegradable, zero waste

Drawstring and lock for convenience

Color weight labels easily reduce bag weight

Reduce the use of plastic bags, lead a healthy life.

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