Waterproof Mattress Protector with 4 Elastic Bands

    • Super soft and 100% waterproof fabric】- The soft cotton surface gives you ultimate comfort. Moreover, as the inner layer is made of polyurethane and polyester, it is machine washable; being 100% waterproof, it protects your mattress from all kinds of humidity and extends the life of your mattress.

    • Anti-dust mite technology】 - Anti-dust mite technology provides complete protection against dust, bacteria, mould and pollen. All of our mattress protectors have passed OEKO-TEX and SGS inspections. They are formaldehyde-free, free of chemicals and azo dyes, etc. - It is ideal for people with children, allergies or wheezing.

    • Flexible fit and washable in machine】 - Each mattress has a wide, sturdy elastic band at all four corners for easy mattress placement. 60 times laboratory-certified wash durability. Viedouce's waterproof mattress protector is easy to care for, just put it in a washing machine at 40° C.

    • Comfortable, silent and without odor】 - Our waterproof mattress protectors are hypoallergenic, odourless, dust-free, anti-dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria, allowing you to fall asleep without the plastic noise that disturbs your dreams.

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